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Understand your Web Presence: Online Mystery Shopping

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Customers are digesting brands in much different ways then they have traditionally, and as a result, brands need to cater their image to meet these changing desires.

Currently, the first thing that a customer will do when they learn about a new organization will be to do a quick Google search and overview of its website. Because this is usually the first, second, and third impression a brand will make on its customer base, making sure that the website is able to meet these new expectations head-on is essential to establishing brand authenticity. One way to maximize a brand’s digital presence is to initiate an online mystery shopping program. While these types of programs are traditionally thought of as in-store or employee-service reviews, mystery shopping is a dynamic source of information that can help provide key insights to many different aspects of a Customer Experience program.

When designing an online mystery shopping program, the most important factors to consider are clarity, design, and functionality. As more information starts to roll in, a program can granulize its efforts to analyze specific aspects or actions taken on a page, but to start, it should be an overall review of the attractiveness and effectiveness of the journey from entering the home page and then performing a specific action. Mystery shopping is an effective avenue to finding valuable information because it grants an unbiased, outside-in perspective of the current state of your website. Mystery shoppers have no affiliation with the brands they are measuring, thus resulting in accurate and useful opinions.

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The brands with the best Customer Experience should already have a mystery shopping program in place for their different brick-and-mortar locations. Transitioning this same state of mind to a brand’s web presence is the next step in vaulting ahead of the competition. These programs will not only be self-analysis, but will also encompass competitive benchmarking to get an accurate picture of the industry a brand encompasses. In doing so, organizations are obtaining a complete picture of how customers reach their brand, and how they are currently performing compared to the rest of the industry.

As the use of technology becomes ubiquitous across all industries, brands are discovering novel ways to measure, analyze and match customer desires. The game of Customer Experience revolves around providing value, and programs like mystery shopping are vital to understanding the kind of value that customers want. Online mystery shopping can help brands improve eCommerce store efficiency, online service requests, and most importantly brand authenticity. Customers should experience a seamless transition across their purchasing journey, meaning that they should feel the same level of service whether they are in a physical store or navigating a website.

Online mystery shopping can be utilized to analyze specific online promotion, loading times, aesthetic quality, eCommerce processes, or customer support systems. As business to consumer interactions become increasingly digitized, it is vital that your brand can provide the right value to your customers, regardless of where the interaction takes place. Customer journeys are adapting, and those brands that employ online mystery shopping programs are positioning themselves to remain Customer Experience leaders in these changing times.

The true path to customer joy begins with immersion. At Second To None, we don’t simply ask your customers about their perceptions, observations, interactions, and experiences.

We truly become your customers.

Snapshot is our mystery shopping program, which has been core to our company since our founding in 1989. Whether in-store, online, on app, or beyond, we uncover key drivers of the customer experience that are responsible for improving customer satisfaction. You’ll understand what customers are experiencing each and every day. Learn more about Snapshot.

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